When you’re getting ready to sell your home, it’s very important that your home “shows well”. The following suggestions will help make that happen:


  • Clear all unnecessary objects and furniture throughout the home. Keep decorative items to a minimum
  • Clear all unnecessary items from kitchen countertops. Remove refrigerator magnets and photos. If your kitchen is clear, prospective Buyers can begin mentally “moving their own things” into your kitchen.
  • Remove all unnecessary items from all other rooms. Less furniture and clutter makes a room seem larger. Remember the last model home you were in? Remember how little furniture there was in each room?
  • Remove personal pictures from walls & furniture. We want prospective buyers to mentally “see themselves living in your home” Your family’s personal items make it hard for them to do that.
  • Clean carpets, drapes & windows. Repaint where it will make the room brighter.
  • Leave all the lights on during showings. Install one size larger light bulbs. Brighter rooms look and feel larger.
  • Have your FM stereo on, playing soft music during showings. It helps prospective buyers relax during a stressful time.
  • Allow your Realtor to put a lockbox on the property. Some agents won’t bother to show a home where they have to arrange to meet someone at the home.


  • Remove everything outside your home that doesn’t need to be there. Move garbage cans, etc. into your garage and keep the garage door down.
  • Check gutters & roof for damage or peeling paint and get it repaired. Remember, the Buyer’s first, and most lasting impression of your home will be what they see as they drive up. It’s called “Curb Appeal.”
  • Inspect all plantings. Prune bushes & trees so they don’t block windows. Put down some fresh wood chips. Fertilize the lawn to make it as green as possible.